My 2023 Maker Resolutions

I can’t quite believe 2023 is here already! 2022 was a wild ride. I started the year with some great projects, but had to put my maker ambitions aside for a while as I move house. In June ’22 we bought a new house, but it needs a full rennovation. We’ve already done a ton of work, but the 4 meter rear extension still has to be finished (see above for current state) and on top of that we’re adding a whole new floor on the top! We’re also installing a brand new kitchen, two bathrooms and a standalone WC. From there we’ve got to install flooring througout the house and get bedrooms decorated for our kids.

Once all of this is done, we can get to my personal number one priority for 2023 – My maker space! For the first time ever, our home will be big enough that I will be able to have my own home office. It’s only a small room but it’ll be big enough that I can have a large desk, space for a second (larger) 3d printer and plenty of space to display and store my tools and past projects. I can’t even begin to say how excited I am for this! I’ll be lucky to get started on it before summer is up but I have lots of plans!

After that, I imagine there will be plenty more DIY to keep me busy, but if it ever ends I would really like to get finished up with the Mandalorian helmet I started making last summer. In the meantime, I have a few little projects I would like to do including adding some indicator lights to my e-bike and adding some more functionality to my Galactic Unicorn!

What are your maker resolutions for 2023? Feel free to comment below or reply to me on Mastodon!

PS… this is the first post of mine for the Bring Back Blogging project which is encouraging makers to post content on their own blogs instead of social media! Check it out to discover lots of other great Maker bloggers!

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