Hi, I'm Andy Warburton, I Design & Build Websites

Andy Warburton

I love nothing more than designing & building awesome, accessible websites. I live and breathe HTML and CSS (all kinds, because variety is the spice of life). I also fiddle with JavaScript (including JQuery), PHP, MySQL and WordPress.

I believe good design is about more than just picking pretty fonts and colours. Good design is about creating products that serve their purpose with the minimum amount of friction. That means the right solution, for the right job and not just making things pretty for the sake of it.

I currently live in Amsterdam with my wife Steph and our sons Jack and Harry. When I'm not building awesome websites, we like to travel as much as possible, getting off the tourist track and experiencing the world in new and unique ways.

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Work History

  1. Booking.com – Web Designer / Team Leader

    Working as part of the front-end development team, we spend our days optimising the user experience at Booking.com - the world's leading online hotel reservations agency. Using a/b and multivariate testing to increase conversion rates and customer engagement. In my role as Team Leader I also act as the Scrum Master for our Agile Team and ensure our team runs smoothly.

  2. Solar Electronics Ltd – Web Designer

    As part of a small team of developers, I was responsible for the front-end of our popular online printer ink and toner website. From creating new features, improving the site through multivariate testing to creating designs for print. I was also responsible for about 90% of the front-end HTML and CSS, using the Rails ERB templating language and SASS. I was also responsible for designing and coding email marketing campaigns.

  3. Namesco Ltd – Online Content Manager

    As the most senior front-end developer in the company, I was responsible for overseeing an international team of up to 15 people at any one time, working on a variety of projects relating to our online presence. This involved tasks such as developing pages to promote new products, optimising the order processes and search engine optimisation.

  4. Phase8 – Web Designer

    As a web designer I was responsible for designing and building standards compliant and search engine friendly websites for external clients. Sites varied from small brochure sites to advanced e-commerce sites.

  5. Cherished Sites – Web Designer

    Back in the early days of my career I started out working for a small local design studio at the tender age of 17. My work involved liaising with clients and building simple brochure websites for local businesses. This is where I really learnt the core skills of my trade - HTML, CSS and many other internet technologies.

  6. Freelance Web Design & Development

    From the day I first got onto the Internet to the present day, I've always enjoyed building websites for fun and profit. Since 1996 I've built dozens of sites for all sorts of clients, small sites and big sites, simple and complex.


Congratulations for making it to the bottom of the page. If you made it this far, you probably want to talk to me or maybe even work with me. I'm currently employed full time but I like to pick up the occasional freelance gig to keep my skills fresh. You can either drop me an email on andy at thewarburtons dot co dot uk