Welcome to my Maker blog

Hi, I’m Andy and I like to Make Stuff (totally stealing Bob’s line here!).

It’s mostly true though - my name is Andy and I’m a maker. I hope to use this site to start documenting my efforts to make various things. I love hacking with electronics, especially the Raspberry Pi and Arduino and I’ve also been known to dabble from time to time with woodworking, DIY, and digital fabrication. I also run a meetup for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts in Amsterdam. Right now I’m also dabbling with the healthy ketogenic “keto” diet. So I may also share some recipes here as well.

I’ve been procrastincating on the blog building thing for some time. I keep trying to redesign an existing blog based on WordPress and find myself putting it off because it’s not what I want to be doing (also, it contains posts from when I was very young and I’m not very proud of some of the content I wrote there). What I want is to be making stuff and sharing my learnings and so instead of messing around, I just threw a site up on Github pages, with the most minimal theme I could find and got something up in minutes instead of weeks!

I’m not really planning anything specific, but I recently learnt the saying “Ready, Fire, Aim!”. It means get started on something, and then figure out how to refine it and make it perfect later on, so thats what I’m doing!

Wish me luck on this journey!

Andy Warburton

Andy Warburton

Amsterdam, NL