About Me

In an effort to not make my about me page cliche and boring, I’ve written this in the style of an interview from The Setup

Who are you, and what do you do?

I’m an old-school web designer and developer, husband, dad and nerd. I’ve been building websites using HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript for nigh on 15 years now. I’ve worked in a variety of places, but currently I’m doing my thing as a front-end developer at the worlds favourite hotel reservation website, [Booking.com](http://www.booking.com). My mission in life is simple… make the internet more awesome.

The fatherhood thing is relatively new – I’ve only been in possession of my kid for a couple of years now (my son, Jack was born in July 2010). I’m British by birth but have been living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for the last year or so.

What hardware do you use?

I’m an Apple nerd, so I have two Macbook Pro’s, a 13″ 2012 model with a 120GB SSD at work and at home I have a 15″ 2011 model with a self installed 750GB HD (soon to be moved to the superdrive bay and joined by an SSD as the main drive). I loathe cables so I use the Apple Wireless keyboard and Magic Trackpad and raise my laptop using the the old model clear perspex Griffin Elevator. For my personal projects I host my sites on a 2GB Linode VPS.

Phone wise, I’m still using my old-faithful, the iPhone 4s, protected using an iSkin Claro, clear silicone case. I also have a black 16GB iPad mini that I use for casual web browsing, reading and dicking about. I take many photos of my son using the Black Nikon J2 sporting a 10-30mm lens that I sometimes swap out for the 30-110mm lens when I want that nice soft depth of field. I wish I had bought the V2 instead, just so I can use a half decent flash with it.

And what software?

TextMate 2 is my text editor of choice, Adobe Fireworks for web, logo and vector design, Terminal for SSH’ing to my servers, Git for version control and my VPS runs Ubuntu with Nginx, PHP and MySQL. For email I use Mail.app on the desktop, Mailbox on the phone and it’s all powered by Google Apps. I occasionally use Panic’s Transmit for simple FTP/SFTP operations. Chrome is my browser of choice but as a web designer I have many many browsers installed for testing sites. For photo management I use iPhoto. It’s simple and does what I need. I use WordPress for many projects these days just out of convenience, however my personal site is powered by KirbyCMS as I felt WordPress was simply too much for powering a simple little blog.

What would be your dream setup?

I want a mobile phone with all the power of a desktop that can works wirelessly with a keyboard, mouse and massive screen. It knows where I’m near and switches from being a phone to a full powered OSX desktop. Obviously, awesome battery life would be nice too.