My Top Amsterdam Sushi Restaurants

Continuing with my recent Sushi obsession I wanted to talk about some of my favourite places to eat Sushi in Amsterdam. I have three favourite restaurants that I frequent. They all have pro’s and cons, and I go to them all for different reasons… Here’s the lowdown on what I think are the best Sushi restaurants in Amsterdam:

Zushi – Best for that modern/authentic Sushi experience

Zushi is one of those awesome restaurants where you help yourself to the sushi as it comes round on little boats. The food is good quality, but pretty pricey (around €28 for a mix of six plates including Sashimi, Nigiri and Rolls). The staff is friendly and welcoming and the conveyer runs around a central island where the chef produces the food. Sadly due to the setup you can’t see the chef at work from most of the bar. You can find Zushi just behind the popular tourist spot, Rembrandtplein, next to the river Amstel.

Sushi n Sake – best for when you need sushi right now!

Based on the East side of Amsterdam near Dappermart, Sushi n Sake are a restaurant, but they made my top three for one simple reason – they deliver! Some nights I’m craving Sushi at 9pm and don’t want to go out and Sushi n Sake are my saviour! They sell all the usual culprits at a fair price and deliver quickly. If you order using the Thuisbezorgd iPhone app you can even pay with PayPal. The Sushi is all of a good quality, although I do tend to find the Sashimi to be a bit on the small side which is a shame because I luuuuurve Sashimi!

Tokyo Cafe – best overall and all you can eat!

Of all the Sushi places in Amsterdam, Tokyo Cafe is by far my favourite. They offer an all you can eat menu for around €25 per head for the top tier (slightly cheaper if you don’t want Sashimi) which is great if you want to experiment and try new things with no risk. Their Sashimi are served in pieces almost twice the size that you would get from Sushi n Sake AND they do Salmon Toro Nigiri which is the best cut of the salmon (taken from the Salmons belly) and something I’ve not found anywhere else in Amsterdam so far. Everything is prepared freshly by their chefs and bought to your tables in rounds (which you order by filling in little tickets). The service can be a bit poor on busy nights but they are a huge restaurant so I can understand how they get so busy. They also have a time limit on the service for all-you-can-eat so you sometimes find yourself getting hurried out towards the end. Despite the cons, I love Tokyo Cafe and have visited many times (if for nothing else than the Toro!). They also do a walk-in takeaway menu for when your’re passing by but don’t have time to stop. Tokyo Cafe can be found in Central Amsterdam, just off the busy Kaalverstraat shopping street (south of Dam Square).

I’m interested to get other opinions on Amsterdam Sushi Spots, tell me where your favourite place is in the comments – I’d love to hear from you!

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