Goodbye Kirby, Hello WordPress!

Back in September, I made the decision to move my blog from WordPress to the flat-file based Kirby CMS, but less than five months later I’ve moved back to WordPress, and you may be wondering exactly why that is?

Well… for me, the main component was that Kirby required logging into my server by SSH/FTP in order to add a new post. Kirby does offer an admin panel, but I was never able to get it working, that and the manual uploading of images etc, just put me off writing even more than ever before (and lets face it – over the past few years, I’ve never needed an excuse to neglect my blog!).

The other reason, is that I recently ended up building a couple of new WordPress sites for clients and realised how much I really enjoy working with WordPress templates and themes. Finally, the WordPress backend got a bit of a refresh in 3.8 and the whole thing just feels a bit nicer to use.

I still agree with all of those things I said about WordPress before, however I’m still yet to find a solution that gives me everything I need to reach blogging nirvana.

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Andy Warburton is a web designer and developer from the UK currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. When he's not building totally awesome WordPress themes or stuffing his face with Sushi, Andy can be found hanging out with his wonderful wife and child. You should totally follow me on Twitter

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