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This weekend I discovered “Now, Next, Later” – an interesting new minimalist weather app by world-renowned hacker and tinkerer, Brendan Dawes. I’ve seen Mr Dawes speak twice now and I always find him to be really inspiring, so I was really interested to see what unique take he we would take on the well trodden weather app.

Firstly… all of the unnecessary junk is gone. NNL is minimal. The temperature is indicated through a simple number and the background colour of the app itself. Warmer temperatures are represented by warmer colours, cooler colours are for cooler temperatures. Weather like rain, cloud and wind is represented through a matrix-esque rain of + characters. The screen always shows the weather for your current location as it is now. A swipe down gives you an overview of today, and further swipes lets you see subsequent days. Swipe left and right to see other locations you have setup.

Now Next Later takes the interactive weather effects of the official Apple weather app and combines it with the minimalism of weather apps like Haze then distils it down to the purest possible experience. My inner designer loves everything about NNL, however Yahoo Weather is still my go-to weather app on my iPhone just because I love the beautiful photos that it sucks from Flickr. Despite this, Now Next Later will certainly be my weather app of choice on the iPad when Yahoo Weather isn’t available or when I’m on mobile data and need to get the weather with the minimum amount of data usage.

Of all the weather apps in the app store, Now Next Later is definitely one of my favourites, and if you’re looking for a pure weather experience with non of the fluff then I can highly recommend it.

Now Next Later is available on the app store for £1.49

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