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So… I’ve had a pretty interesting weekend with a couple of discoveries that I thought I could share.

On Sunday, we went for a visit to the zoo and we noticed that some kids had managed to get the undivided attention of the seals and had them gathering around their window instead of just zipping around in circles like normal. The trick? Take a shiny coin and use it to bounce some light into the tank – the seals will see the shiny and come to investigate what is going on. They’ll even play chase the coin if you slide it around on the window – my son absolutely loved getting to play with the seals!

In other news, I’ve started an iOS development course, sponsored by my awesome employer. I’ve been keen to learn more about iOS development for quite some time now and jumped at the opportunity to learn the basics and see if I can actually make stuff happen. The course is run by Big Nerd Ranch. The first two days were dedicated to Objective C and were taught by Mike Lee – formally of Apple and Delicious Monster!

As a web designer by trade, I found the jump up to *real* programming to be really quite challenging, but on day two we got to crack open interface builder and had a fully working todo list app up and running by the end of the day! (If you ever wondered why there are so many todo list apps in the app store, I think we’ve found out why!).

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