Builders Arse…

Ok… can someone explain to me why it is that when you get a bunch of builders together near a music playing device there’s always one of them that insists on singing random lyrics at random moments the top of his voice and completely out of tune?

There are currently some builders working outside my flat and one of them keeps randomly spewing out lines from the songs that are playing on the radio. I think if he keeps this up then I may have to consider shutting my window because quite frankly, he’s doing my tits in.

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by Andy

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  • :^D

    When my carer’s brother-in-law and his brother were building my conservatory they kept tuning their radio into a crackly-sounding radio station and singing loudly “to cover up the interference” … so I made a suitable playlist on my iPod, plugged in my iTrip and tuned their radio to it. The trouble is they carried on singing!

    By Timmargh on November 21, 2006 @ 1:44 pm | #