Remembering Thailand and Oz

After reading through my recovered blog posts from our time travelling, it occurs to me that apart from the videos I posted, we didn’t actually post much about our time in Hong Kong, Thailand or Oz. There’s a reason for that. Shortly after we arrived in Phi Phi, we discovered Steph was pregnant! It came to a massive shock to us as we had been trying for over 18 months with no luck at all. Working the dates out, we think that Jack was conceived in Xi’an, China. It just goes to show that if you want to conceive and it’s just not working for you, sometimes the best thing to do is to get away from life, de-stress and let nature take it’s course.

Unfortunately for us, Nature was a cruel mistress and Steph was extremely ill with a severe form of morning sickness known as Hyperemisis which basically takes the fun of morning sickness and makes it a 24/7 arrangement, usually leading to severe dehydration amongst other things. This led to Steph being hospitalised a number of times by time we got to Australia.

Anyway… here’s a few pics that I never got round to uploading:

Hong Kong



Sadly, due to Stephs sickness, most of our time in Australia was spent in our hostel or a hospital in Sydney. Sights wise, we didn’t see a lot (unless you count the inside of hospitals). I did manage to drag Steph along to the Darling Harbour IMAX to see Avatar though! I’m sure we’ll make it back to Australia at some point, so we can actually go and enjoy all the country has to offer. I have a feeling, next time we’ll have Jack walking along side us, rather than inside Steph causing his own unique brand of biological mayhem.

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