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Back in 2009 the Steph and I took a break from life to go travelling and experience life outside of the UK. For that journey we decided to setup a joint blog which we hosted over at By time we returned, that blog contained about 20 posts, mostly covering our travels in China and Thailand. Sadly, I forgot to move that blog when I migrated servers last year. I thought they were gone forever, but then I remembered about which keeps copies of old websites. I didn’t think my site would have had enough traffic to warrant the backup, but I thought I’d checked it out and sure enough – they had captured the site and enough posts to allow me to recover everything!

Once I’d got the text content back from The Web Archive, I then had to sort out the images as previously they had all been hosted on my Flickr account which I deleted earlier this year after becoming fed-up of the service. Luckily, I had a local copy and was able to restore the pictures using WordPress’ built in gallery functionality.

Here’s a list of all the posts I have restored from the archive – check em out!

The only thing I haven’t restored is the comments. There weren’t very many, and to be honest, they weren’t worth the effort.

Be sure to check out the posts from China and Thailand – it’s crazy to think Steph was pregnant with our Jack by that point!

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