1 Week today…

… and I’ll be waking up for my first full day in Amsterdam. Well… my hotel is in Amstelveen, but it’s only a short hop away from the ‘Dam on the Metro.

Ink CartridgesIt’s going to be  a really interesting few weeks as we try to find somewhere to live, adjust to the move from nowhere-ville to a vibrant city, get used to being back in a BigCorp and getting used to my new job and colleagues. Certainly, just getting out of our house was a stressful experience. Trying to pack up your life and reduce it to a series of boxes is never fun, especially with a toddler on the go and a moving out date looming ever closer, but we managed it and I’m sure we’ll cope.

I’m going to miss the gang at Stinkyink too. I’ve only been here for just under two years, but in that time, we’ve done some great things, including moving from an off-the-shelf e-commerce package, to a bespoke hand crafted beauty of a rails app. There have been ups and downs, and the daily drive to work has been getting a bit tiresome of late, but I don’t regret a minute of it. I’ve learnt some cool new things, refined my design skills considerably and had the chance to work with some brilliant people.

Oh… and there was this video, which I produced on a whim for one of my colleagues under the “Creepy Coworker” brand


If you need ink cartridges I honestly can’t recommend them enough. From first hand experience, I can tell you that the guys at Stinkyink go out of their way to make their customers satisfied. You might end up spending a couple of pennies more than you would with competing companies, but I can say for certain, you’ll have an awesome experience along the way and be much happier at the end of it.


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