Big Change Coming!

In just over a month, my family and I will be moving from our home in sleepy Worcestershire to the slightly less sleepy city of Amsterdam in The Netherlands! It’s somewhat scary to know we’ll be leaving behind our nearest and dearest, but it’s not every day you get a chance to go and work abroad, so we’re grabbing it with both hands and seeing where it takes us!

I was flown over by my new employer for a couple of days for my interview and when I wasn’t being interviewed I spent many many hours walking aimlessly around the city and I love it – it’s such a beautiful city, more canals than venice, gorgeous buildings and bikes everywhere. I was blown away by how few cars there are – for a thriving city it’s actually quieter than the little town I currently live in!

We have so much to do before we leave though – we have to find someone to come and rent our house, get all of our stuff sorted, tidied and dispose of all the crap we’ve accumulated. Then we’ve got to get a new kitchen fitted and generally tidy the house and we’ve got to pack all our stuff and get it shipped to Amsterdam!

Once we’re in Amsterdam, we get a couple of weeks free accommodation courtesy of my new employer but then we need to find somewhere to live. We’ve never rented a place before, so it’s all new to us, and from what I can tell, renting in The Netherlands is a slightly complicated process with many pitfalls and strange little rules. For example, from what I can work out, rental properties are price controlled by the government, but what you can rent depends on your earnings (to stop the rich folk renting all the cheap places).

Then there’s health insurance, finding my wife a new job, a nursery and education for our son, working out where to buy food, learning the language and then of course, there’s starting a new job, in a new city with new colleagues!

We’re very excited but feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment just because we have so much to do before we can get settled and start enjoying our new life in Amsterdam!

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Andy Warburton is a web designer and developer from the UK currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. When he's not building totally awesome WordPress themes or stuffing his face with Sushi, Andy can be found hanging out with his wonderful wife and child. You should totally follow me on Twitter

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  • If you wanted to pick a nice place to live then I don’t think you could’ve done much better to be honest.

    Nice one; I hope it all goes well for the three of you.

    By Timmargh on July 6, 2012 @ 9:09 pm | # | Reply

  • Thanks dude – I’ve only spent a day and a bit in Amsterdam but it seemed like an awesome place, it has a reputation for being a place for drugs and hookers, but that’s a tiny part of what makes up Amsterdam. The rest of the city is beautiful, clean and quiet.

    Supposedly it ranks in the top five places in the world to raise a kid too, and it can’t do the sprog any harm being bought up with an extra language either!

    Soooo excited!

    By Andy on July 6, 2012 @ 9:14 pm | # | Reply

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