So… in a couple of weeks my little boy will be turning two. He’s a great little guy and a lot of fun to be around, but in the past couple of weeks we’ve started to run into the no word. We’ve always tried to give Jack options and let him express his desires, so he picked up the head shaking and nodding quite early on and it seemed to work fine – he seemed to honestly communicate what he wanted without being all toddler-ish about it.

Then, last week it all changed as Jack uttered his first ‘No’. Suddenly he seemed to be empowered by those two little letters and now he seems to answer every question with a big loud ‘No’. He even knows when he’s being facetious because he laughs after saying it!

I have to admit, it didn’t take long from his first utterance to it starting to drive me insane. I love that his communication skills are coming along, but hearing ‘no’ as a reply to every question is starting to grind my gears just a tad.

Luckily, this week he’s also started with the occasional ‘yes’ so I’m hoping that this will be a turning point and we’ll get back to him making decisions in a more genuine manner, rather than harassing us with a constant barrage of ‘no’.

Ahhh… The joys of parenting :-)

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