My First Year of iPad

iPad 2Wow… I can’t believe it’s been almost a whole year since I got my iPad 2. I wanted one from the moment Apple first announced the tablet back in 2010 but due to the exorbitant expense that comes with buying a house and having your first born child in the same year, the funds just weren’t available to me. Last year came around and the iPad 2 was announced, but still money was a bit tight and so, my financial advisor (her indoors) denied me the opportunity to own my own Shiny  Tablet.

Luckily, last year fate threw me a bone and my wonderful boss rewarded me for some particularly sterling work by treating me to a top of the range iPad 2 with 3g. I use the iPad now, every day, almost without fail, whether it’s for surfing the web, streaming music to my car stereo, answering emails or watching my favourite shows (Breaking Bad is my current addiction).

One thing I wasn’t expecting to use much, was the 3G as I spend 90% of my life in range of  Wireless internet connections – I even pick hotels based on the availability of a decent free wireless connection. However, last year when I attended WordCampUK in Portsmouth, I found myself in a hotel that didn’t provide free wi-fi. In fact, the wi-fi was expensive and coverage was patchy in the room I had been allocated.

Luckily, one of the first things I had done was order a microsim from O2. *just in case*. So, from the comfort of my hotel bed, I whipped out my Mastercard and ordered 24 hours of mobile broadband from the lovely men at O2 for the not at all shocking fee of two British Quids and a couple of pennies. The speed was acceptable and allowed me to stay in touch with my wife and son using Skype messaging when in the hotel, or to quickly jump online when the wi-fi at the conference venue flaked out (which it did quite a few times).

Since then, I’ve had no reason to use the 3G connectivity but it’s nice to know that it’s there for me, even if I don’t need it that often.

We also used the iPad at the conference with MailChimps excellent Chimpadeedoo app as a competition sign-up form on our stand (we were a sponsor of the event). It came in really handy and acted as a great conversation starter allowing us to engage visitors to our stand.

So… if you have an iPad with 3G, make sure you keep a micro-sim loaded ready for those little emergencies when you might just need it.

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