My Head of Many Colours

So, inspired by my good friend Sarah’s (aka PopLedge) recent post about caring for your curls, I thought I would take a strange diversion from my usual land of geekery and do my very own hair post!

It’s been a long time, but as a teen, I was a bit of a wannabe punk geek and went through a phase of about two years, during which time I dyed my hair a multitude of crazy colours. It started with dying my fringe red, then my whole head (for Comic Relief during a 24 hour Blogathon), then bleached blonde (to get rid of the red), then Green (it’s not easy being green), then finally Black and back to my natural colour. Here’s some pics of the transition:

Here’s my top tips for crazy hair colours:

1) Brace yourself

Normal people won’t understand the madness that has taken over your noggin, so be prepared for laughs, finger pointing and jokes from your friends and co-workers. You will stand out from the crowd and a lot of people won’t know what to make of it, I’ve been on the receiving end of everything from drunken hugs to abuse from strangers. It’s part of being different, so go bold, or go home.

2) Take your time.

Dying your hair is not something you can do in five minutes before a night out. To get a really vivid colour you need to bleach your hair, let it dry and settle, then apply the colour. If you go from Bleach to Red you’ll end up with Ginger. I know because I’ve done it.

3) Be prepared

Dying your hair obscene colours is a messy business. Make sure you cover up any porous materials like bathroom tiles etc as some of this stuff doesn’t come off. Don’t try and do this wearing your best clothes either. They WILL get wrecked.

4) Don’t be cheap

If you want really vivid colours, you can’t just use your standard off the shelf hair dyes. These are designed for people playing it safe and will give you dull muted colours. Crazy colours require specialist crazy hair dyes like those made by Stargazer. If you are planning a night out on the town and really want to stand out, be sure to top it up with some UV reactive hair gel.

5) Be in it for the long haul

Finally, If you apply colour after a bleaching, these vivid colours will fade a bit with washing, but you’ll still be green or red, or whatever colour you pick. It will take a good couple of months and hair cuts for your natural colour to return, so be prepared to either keep topping it up, or be ready to go through a transition period where you let it grow out naturally (and look like a bit of a dick) or re-bleach and go to a more sane colour (for me, it was jet black as my hair is quite dark).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this bizarre tangental trudge through my crazy-haired history. You never know… I might even walk the green fuzz road again, as I’m 30 this year and feel a mid-life crisis might be due!

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