BT Douchebaggery

The wife and I are finally back in our little flat again so I have been through the mill of getting various services setup again. We decided to go with BT for our land line as we don’t use it much (with 600 free minutes on our iPhone plans we mostly use our mobiles to communicate), and it’s mostly just so we can have broadband.

Today I received a bill from BT which had a few extra charges for services I have NOT used!

These services were advertised as FREE during the signup process. However it appears you actually have to use them to be free – hidden away in BT’s terms of service is a charge for not using FREE services! That is a total dick move on BT’s part, but it actually gets worse! I really don’t think it’s appropriate any company, let alone a major service provider like BT to be hiding charges in their terms and conditions. It’s clearly an attempt to make a bit of extra money by deceiving customers – anything I have to pay for should be made obvious and shown up front, especially when it’s relating to something you don’t have to pay to add to your account. It’s like a car company giving you free insurance with your car purchase, but then charging you if you don’t have a crash!

They also added ‘Friends and Family International’ to my account at an extra £0.99 per month without asking me or giving me any kind of notification.

Luckily, I was able to remove these “services” with a relatively helpful agent on their new Live Chat service. BT, however, would not remove the charges from my bill or credit my account to make up for this.

While we’re on the subject of BT, their website is a total sham from a usability perspective here’s just one small example:

A pretty standard sign in form for customers to check their account online. However, with BT your username is your email address – so why not just label the form ‘email address’ rather than confusing customers by using unspecific terminology?

This whole episode with BT has left a pretty sour taste in my mouth. The only positive thing I have drawn from this is that their live chat service allowed me to speak to someone without having to pick up the phone, meaning I can deal with it while doing other things at the same time.

And no… before you ask, they didn’t offer me any ringdings to assist with my callings.

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