Why is everyone bitching about the lack of Flash on the iPad ?

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want flash on the iPad. Most of the people complaining want flash for video sites like YouTube – the thing is, Its easy for site owners to impliment alternative video formats for the iPad, just like they do on YouTube and BBC iPlayer.

The only other thing flash does that’s of any interest is games but all those existing web games out there are designed for mouse actions – trying to play those games on an iPad would be like trying to steer a car with two peices of rope. Sure you could make it work but it’d be a shitty driving experience! If Apple did add Flash to the iPad they would just get flooded with complaints by people who can’t play FarmVille on Facebook properly.

Add to that the fact that Flash is a resource hog and a drain on battery life and you have one hell of an argument for leaving it out.

The guys at Apple are amongst the best user experience designers in the world -they have left Flash out because it would simply suck on that platform. These guys know what they’re doing, I think it’s about time we trusted them!

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