Under Water

Holy crapbag mother of f*ck we have had a shedload of rain over the past couple of weeks here in the UK, but nothing compared to last night! Thursday evening it started raining over the UK and come Friday night, the rain was still coming down and not gently either.

According to weather reports, we have had over three months worth of rain in 24 hours and sadly, the drains and waterways of the little town where I live just aren’t coping with the extreme conditions and pretty much the whole town is under water. (see pics)

The Crossroads The Crossroads Locals watching the flood Droitwich High Street Droitwich High Street Droitwich High Street The Back of Waitrose

I consider myself very lucky that I happen to live on the fourth floor! Sadly, the business that my missus runs with her mother wasn’t so lucky and succumbed to the rain in the early hours of this morning. On the plus side, because we live just five minutes from the cafe, they were able to get down and shift all the furniture and electronic stuff to the top floor of the building. The bad news is that the floor is sodden and ruined and they won’t be able to open again until health and safety have made it in after the clean up!

Sadly there is even worse news than that! Both of the decent pizza delivery services in the town are on the street that was worst hit! What am I going to have for my tea now? :(

I do have some good news though! Despite EVERY road of town being flooded Rich and myself did manage to make it to Worcester in time to watch the first public showing of the new Transformers movie (12.01 am – supergeek showing for those that can’t wait until Saturday night! We did attempt to make it in the car, but it just wasn’t going to work, so I hopped on the back of his motorbike and we braved the elements making it only around 20 minutes later than the start time!What can I say about Transformers movie excpet for FRICKIN AWESOME!!? Well… after that, not a lot. The story was pretty bland, but hey, it’s a film about cars that turn into robots, what more can you want? Anyway… the cars DO turn into robots and back again and there are planes that turn into robots and helicopters that turn into robots and a little cd player that turns into a robot and a drinks machine that turns into a robot and an xbox that turns into a robot and a mobile phone that turns into a robot. Oh… and they fight, a lot. :DcamaroThe SFX is nothing short of amazing, the transformers are almost completely realistic and the fight scenes are just out of this world, one of my fave bits was when megatron is fighting with Jazz and after Jazz yells ‘you wanna peice of me?’ Megatron retorts ‘No – I want two!’ and then rips the poor guy in half. I thought at first it would be sacrilege to have bumblebee as anything but a VW Beetle but he works pretty well as a Camaro – especially once he’s changed into the yet-to-be-released 2008 version (pictured). I swear, if the guys at GMC ever released that car into the UK market at a half decent price, I would be all over it like a fat girl on a chocolate bar!Score: 85/97 chainsaws.

Summary: If you get the chance – go and checkout the Transformers movie – even if it’s just for the special effects and the nostalgia hit!

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  • I cannot believe all of the rain that you had. I hope that it has stopped.

    You ARE a supergeek! The Transformers movie? Sheesh

    By Brooke on July 25, 2007 @ 10:52 pm | # | Reply

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