Why I abstain from religion.

I was just reading this story about a Christian guy who murdered his friend and room mate because ‘he didn’t believe in god’. Not exactly a very Christian thing to do is it?

This is one of the reasons why I avoid subscribing to any named religion – religion has been one of the major causes of violence and general craziness in the world over the last few hundred years. Whether it’s a Muslim suicide bomber blowing themselves up, a crazed Nazi dictator gassing Jews or Christians burning witches on the stake – religion is the main cause.

If any normal person does something evil they are branded an evil person – but if someone does something evil in the name of their religion then what they are doing is an act of good (at least in their/their religions eyes). Can you believe in the linked article there were actually Christians attending the court hearing and DEFENDING what that guy did? Where in the ten commandments did it say ‘kill all atheists’?

At some point every major religion has been responsible for one atrocity or another. When it comes down to it religion is just a form of control and there are plenty of saps out there waiting to be controlled. I am not one of those saps, I will not be controlled by anyone. I’m a free thinking wild animal and I will decide what is good and what is evil for myself.

Just because I don’t have religion doesn’t mean that I don’t have morality and ultimately, *that* is what makes a person good or bad. Missing church doesn’t make you a bad person, neither does working on a Sunday, what makes you a bad person is discriminating against people with different beliefs than yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the 21st century and I invite you all to stand up and see the light – not the light of your chosen deities but the light of clarity and freedom.

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  • Your comments are true enough. I really disslike that there are so many religious wars – what is that about anyway.

    But I do believe in some kind of higher power. And I think that one has to admit that there is some greater force out there. To me it does not matter what that is (God, Allah, even something like nature itself.) There are so many things out there that cannot be explained – and it makes me feel comforted that something is out there.

    However – if someeone does not believe they should not be condemned. It’s their right!

    By BRon on January 4, 2007 @ 3:18 pm | # | Reply

  • Totally agree… There are too many coincidences in the development of this planet for it to be a random act of fate. I believe in a higher power, but I wouldn’t call it god.

    For all I know, it could be something as far out as another civilisation with the ability to manipulate the evolution of planets in the same manner that we can manipulate atoms.

    I wouldn’t condemn someone for not believing in a greater force just like I wouldn’t discriminate in someone who has specific religious beliefs.

    Perhaps we are the enlightened few that can see through all the religious bullshit to the truth.

    By AndyK on January 4, 2007 @ 6:47 pm | # | Reply

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