It's all in the presentation!

Last week I attended my mums marrige to her partner and just for the fun of it took along my digital camera. I'm really glad that I did, because the photos that the official photographer took were absolute pants! (I must admit tho… I did have an advantage since my camera was considerably better than his!) ;o) Anyways… here's a few pics I took during the day:

This one is my sister, taken outside the registry office… I'm quite impressed with how it came out, and I love how her hair got caught by the wind just as the shutter closed, leaving it looking slightly blurred and windswept.

windswept sister

This is the famous “confetti” pose… you get one of these in most sets of wedding photo's dontcha?


Of course… what wedding album is complete without… the first dance?

first dance

Here's some dancing at the reception afterwards, the dude at the decks is none other than the world famous DJ Rich.


Speaking of Rich… here's a pic of him posing for the camera (I told you that pic would come n haunt you didn't I?) ;o)

DJ Rich

And here's a close up of his *ahem* equipment:


Now for some self embarrassment. This is me. As you can tell… I don't take kindly to being photographed. I much prefer to be behind the lens.


And an arty farty shot of the champagne at the reception.


That's your lot! I'm off to bed now.

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