Do you really like it? is it is it wicked? we're lovin it lovin it lovin it…

Yesterday i got paid. You know what that means don't you?

1. Spending spree… I went n brought meself some speakers for the parcel shelf in my car! Cost me ?130.

2. Clubbin… Me n rich finally got round to goin clubbin again!!! Last night was one of the best nites i've had in months! I drove me n rich to worcester at about 9 and got me dad to take the car home. Within seconds we'd dived into RSVP and got 4 double vodka's n redbull's inside us!

After that we moved onto barrels, where we each had 2 bottles (it was buy 1 get 1 free) and a thing of side kick. We downed them then went down to the front bar, and we were just about to get another round when Geordie Jon, from work showed up!!!! So we had 6 bottles and 3 sidekicks inside us! drank those and had the same again (so by this point i'd had a total of 7 shots and 6 bottles!).
After that we got up and bounced over to tramps the que was pretty huge but we got in about 5 minutes later! Got into tramps had another few bottles and got dancing in the gallery.

We all had a rite laff! me n john were winding the girls up something cronic. I managed to get off with 4 birds (lucky me!!)
N.B. Just to make things clear, last nite steph sent me a message daring me to get off with loads of birds as a joke, unfortunatly for her, i was very very very pissed! and i actually went and did it!!
Anyways, in a state of drunkenness i txt steph to let her know about my achievement. I don't think she was too chuffed, cos we've split up now! (for proof see my guestbook!) Surly i should feel a bit upset? the weird thing is, is that i don't! i had a really good time, and it reminded me how much i enjoy being single. I spoke to steph this morning and she said we could get back together, but i think it's better this way. We've both done the dirty on each other (see entry titled 'the worst weekend of my life') and theres no way we can go back to how we used to be after that!

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