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During todays big annoucement about the new Apple Macbook and Macbook Pro’s, there’s one thing I noticed that I think a lot of people have missed. As every Mac fanboy knows, Steve Jobs is the face of the company and always has been. However, rumors of late indicate that his health is not what it once was and we already know he’s had a brush with pancreatic cancer a few years back.

Steve is currently 53 years old, some might say he’s getting on a bit, and probably not far from retirement especially if the declining health rumors are true. Steve knows that Apples success relies on having an innovator leading the company – just look what happened when he left last time, the company nearly dropped off the planet, yet when he returned some years later the company was returned to a new high.

I’ve always been one to watch the keynotes religiously and always get excited about Mr Jobs’ latest excitements, but this time there was something different. While Steve did the introductions and whatnot, someone else seemed to take an almost equal share of the lime light and that was this guy:

Jonathan Ive (AKA Jony for the trendy) Is Apple’s Senior Vice President of design – he’s been responsible for pretty much every major peice of industrial design at Apple since 1992 – from the original iMac to the iPhone and much more, this guy is probably the only person that has the vision and creativity to replace Steve and i think his sudden appearance at this keynote suggests that Steve is currently grooming him to take his place.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Steve will leave until he can’t stand any more, but i also think Steve has the foresight to ensure that his replacement recieves the full depth of his knowledge – this grooming process could take ten years maybe longer, but when it happens, my money is on Jony replacing Steve at the head of the table.

Update: Seems Gizmodo has a similar opinion to myself, although they can’t decide whether its Jonathan Ive or Tim Cook that’s going to be heir to the Apple throne.

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