On Banking and Security

My bank are really pissing me off of late… pissing me off to the point where I’ve actually setup a new account with a different bank with the intention of moving EVERYTHING away from them.

Today was the last straw; I was at work when I received a call from ‘David’, ‘David’ (and I shall put his name in inverted commas because I very much doubt that actually was his name) had a thick Indian accent and claimed to be from Alliance and Leicester. To proceed with the call, he asked me to confirm my account security and place of birth. Since I didn’t request the call and he was clearly using a fake name I refused to hand over the details until he could offer me confirmation of where he was calling from.

His answer? I can give you the phone number I’m calling you on. Yes… he honestly believed that by telling me the number he had already dialed that he would be confirming his identity sufficiently for me to give him private security information.

So we hit a stalemate, he refused to provide me with any evidence of where he was calling from, and I wouldn’t confirm anything until he could. In the end, I told him to put his request in writing.

I think as people become more security conscious this kind of situation is going to become more and more common and something needs to be done to fix it. Surely, if a company wants to contact me they should have a way to verify their identity? I think customers should agree a codeword with the bank so that we can verify *their* security when calling the customer.

Also… if they’re going to be making calls to customers, they shouldn’t try to mask their real names – that just stinks of attempted fraud and is going to do nothing but get my back up.

Alliance and Fucking Leicester over the last six months have turned into the hugest pile of crap. Their call center staff seem to be border line inept – it took three weeks and numerous calls to get them to update my contact details when I moved house and each time I tried to speak to a supervisor to get the problem resolved I would be placed on hold for ages and then hung up on. This is on top of the fact that they changed their fees from £25 per month for going overdrawn to £5 per day – with no notification whatsoever.

Suffice to say… I’m pissed off with them. I’ve had enough of their shit and I’m moving on… enough is enough.

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