Did I Photograph a Ghost?

Before I start writing… I want to make it very clear -I *do not* believe in Ghosts.

Last Saturday I was dragged to a FrightNights paranormal investigation at Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire. I’ve been on these things before with the wife – you basically go to a spooky old property somewhere in the middle of nowhere and investigate ghosts with a ‘medium’ and professional ghost hunter and look for Ghosts. It’s a fun night out and a good chance to get close to some ancient architecture and take some cool low light photos. This is why I agreed to go.

So… we arrived at Woodchester Mansion at around 9pm ready for the start of the event. The scene is set by the drive down a long dark twisty lane through a dark dark wood – seriously, this place couldn’t have a spookier setting if it was at the top of a hill and illuminated by lightening but that’s irrelevant because I don’t believe in ghosts or any of that spooky shit.

Anyway, after the long and dull safety talks and introductions we finally got to look around the mansion. One of our first stops was the old bathroom – this small room was lined with some kind of stone and contained a big stone bath off to one side. The 26 or so people on the tour squeezed into the room, while the guide told us of the history. A few people sat on the edge of the bath – one of which was a member of our party, so I decided to whip out the old Digital SLR and take a photo. Nice huh? (click for flickr bigness)


Bare in mind at this point, save for a little rear-synch flash at the end of the shit the room was just illuminated by a couple of small torches (you can see the blurs at the base of the picture). See the lass in the middle picking her nose? That’s the wifes mate Gemma. Can you see the apparition yet? No… try this picture below:


Look to the right of Gemma’s head. Do you see it yet? When it’s super-zoomed you can clearly see what appears to be a face and neckline. Strange huh? What’s stranger is that despite the long exposure, the camera was kept steady (I was leaning on a wall) nobody walked across the shot during the picture and faced the camera and had that happened, the face would have been much higher. There were no children that would have been that height, and nobody behind Gemma in the ‘bath’. Aside from resizing, this photo has not been adjusted in any way and the surface behind her was a solid stone material of very matt appearance so it’s not a reflection.

So… this leads me to the question… what the hell *is* it…? (and before anyone suggests it, I don’t believe it’s Gemma moving during the exposure because the face is clearly very different).

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