Return of the Lazy Blogger…

It seems that every post I have made to my blog lately has been one apologising about not blogging which has turned my blog almost into some kind of anti-blog. Good news is that I'm still alive and still relatively healthy (if you exclude the revenge of the caffine addiction). Bad news is that I don't really have any life news to report because my life is mostly focused around work, running my own business and spending what little spare time I have hacking stuff to bits with my mighty [whirlwind axe] in World of Warcraft.

Since purchasing WoW I seem to have clocked up in excess of 300 hours of online play - thats nearly two weeks!!

I have to ask myself why it is that I've been drawn in by WoW so much. I think it's just because the game itself it so goal orientated the one main goal is to get to level 60 (I'm currently 46) but there are loads of other goals such as improving various skills, completing quests, getting the best armour and weapons and much more.

Basically put - I'm hooked!

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by Andy

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