Fancy A Quick One?

Yes… I'm still alive, no…. I haven't abandoned my blog. But… at this precise moment in time I'm far to busy to be able to keep up my previous astounding levels of bloggingness. Unfortunatly, when you have a full time job, a website to run, freelance web development to do and a girlfriend to *ahem* “satisfy” something has to give… and for now, that thing is this blog. I just have to wade through my current pile of crap and once I get close to the otherside I should be able to make time to blog again. In theory anyway. If anyone ever wants to guest blog for me while I'm away drop me a line and I'll give you some login details.

Till next time…

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by Andy

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Andy Warburton is a web designer and developer from the UK currently living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. When he's not building totally awesome WordPress themes or stuffing his face with Sushi, Andy can be found hanging out with his wonderful wife and child. You should totally follow me on Twitter