its been a month already? jeez!!

i'm sooooooooo sorry everybody, i havnt updated the site in ages!!! i've been so engrosed in other stuff i just havnt had a chance to get anything done!

Want a low down on what i've been up to? Well after i went out that thursday n cheated on steph we got back together, unfortunatly it didnt last very long and we split up again! i went n had another nite on the town, and got off with some more girls, then it hit me that i didnt want any one else but steph. So me n steph met up and talked things through. We're now back together and things are better than ever!

I've brought meself an amp for the car cos the head unit wasnt powerful enough to power the rear 6×9's, only problem is now theyre soooooo loud they practically blow my ear drums!

Steph's in barbados at the mo with her parents, i'm really really missing her but she's back in a week on saturday (yay!)

Oh yeah i got a promotion at work, i'm now working in the design dept!

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